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Our Editorial Board

Kieron Farrelly, M.A. International Affairs.

Online Managing Editor
Ophelia Adjei-Awuah, M.A.
International Affairs.

Ophelia joined the periodical in Fall 2018. Her field of research focuses on International Communication.

Web Managing Editor
Federico V. Pisani, BSc. Economics, M. A. International Affairs.

Federico joined the periodical in September 2018. His interests range from economics to international relations and economic development. Most notably, health economics.

Print Manager Editor
Colby O. Rymes MA International Affairs (Diplomacy).

Colby joined the Periodical in September 2018 as Print Managing Editor At Pardee, Colby’s research focused on Latin American electoral politics, specifically within Bolivia and the rest of the Andes region.

Senior Editor
Florian David Bodamer, Ph.D. Political Science.

Florian re-joined the Periodical in Fall of 2018, after previously working for the publication during his M.A. at the Pardee School. In the Political Science Department, Florian focuses on the political economy security, defense industries in advanced industrialized states, and the Franco-German relationship.

Senior Editor
Diána R. Hughes, M.A. International Affairs (Security Studies).

Diána joined the periodical in January 2019. At Pardee, Diána’s research focuses on the psychology, ideology, and structure of terrorist and violent extremist groups.

Senior Editor
Ellen Gilley, M.A. International Affairs (Diplomacy).

Ellen has been an editor with the Periodical since Fall 2018. Ellen studies peace and conflict resolution, focusing on the intersection of gender, civil society, and nongovernmental organizations.

Ronghui Dai, M.A.International Studies (Diplomacy).

Ronghui joined the Periodical in January 2019. At pardee, Ronghui mostly focuses on East Asia and migrants.

Lara Tennyson, M.A. International Affairs (diplomacy & human rights studies).

Lara joined the Periodical as a print editor in February 2019. At Pardee, Lara’s research focuses on sexual violence, human trafficking, human rights, and human security.

Lauren Labrique, M.A. International Affairs.

Lauren joined the Periodical as a print editor in 2019.

Emma Galante, M.A. International Affairs.

Emma joined the Periodical as a print editor in 2019.

Samantha Reyes, M.A. International Affairs.

Samantha, joined the Pardee Periodical as a print editor in 2019.

Editorial Emeriti

Hannah Cooperrider

Sarah Ritterspach

Xiao Sun

Daniella Meyer

Christopher Duffy

Stephanie Gagnon

Jacob Howe

Philip Horowitz